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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to participate in Humanitize Expeditions tours?  Is there an age limit?
We are recruiting participants ages 14 and older for education teams. We also recruit medical team members age 18 and older.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $900 for Guatemala trips.  

This fee covers the cost of all ground transportation, housing, food, interpretation services and prescription medications. It covers the program and all activities.

It does not cover the cost of your airfare, passport, vaccinations, or your medical evacuation insurance which you will purchase as individuals.

Where will we be?

In Guatemala we will be located in Los Robles, Guatemala about 45 minutes from Lake Atitlan and the lovely town of Panajachel.  We will be working in the local schools and clinics of the Mayan Highlands.

Do I have to have a passport?  How do I get one?
Yes, you need a passport and should apply as soon as possible.  You can get an application at many city post offices or go online to

What city do we fly in to?  How far is it from the airport to our destination and how do we get there?
For Guatemala we will fly in GUA in Guatemala CIty. Los Robles is approximately 3 hours away. You will be transported to Los Robles by a chartered van with expedition leaders.

Will I be in the same travel group as my friend?
Yes.  You can definitely sign up with friends and all be on the same trip.  Your assignments may not always have you working on the same sub-team but we guarantee you will soon be friends with everyone in your group.

Can I get high school or college credit for this?
You would need to contact your specific school to get an answer that question.  We are more than willing to share our credentials and goals with your school if requested.  

We also encourage and facilitate any research projects participants would like to conduct.

Are there opportunities for sightseeing during the trip?
This is not a trip for tourists as it is focused on service.  You will see and do things that no tourist ever gets to experience.  Tourists cannot buy relationships with local people, hugs from children and the opportunity to change lives through hard work, education, and needed supplies and skills.  You will of course see the fantastic countryside as you see the towns you serve in and will have one day where you will experience some of the area and have a chance to shop from local merchants.

You can also plan to visit the country before or after the trip with Humanitize Expeditions and we can arrange to have you meet the team at the airport.

What should I pack?
A packing list will be provided which is tailored to your country and project.

Should I bring my own water or water purification tablets?
Safe drinking water is provided, but please bring a water bottle.

What kind of experience can I expect my family member to have on a Humanitize Expedition tour?

From past experiences we know that the world will never look the same to those who participate.  Ours will be an understanding of the differences between wants and needs.  They will make progress in gaining a global view of poverty, environment and service.  We find that many of us become kinder and more appreciative of their own lives as their awareness of life in developing countries impacts their own privileged lifestyles.

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